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How to Pack Bento – 4 Steps Bento Packing Video

After you have planned for the presentation of your bento and prepared delicious dishes that will go into your bento box, now it’s the time for packing bento. (See The Healthy & Balanced Bento Presentation Guide for how to plan for a beautiful and nutritious bento box!) The general tips for packing your bento nicely is to pack it tight and neat, so that the food won’t be toss around in the box while being transported. The packing process which I prefer is: Step 1: Pack the rice in one corner of the bento box Step 2: Pack vegetables from the opposite side of the box Step 3: Place the mains in the center Step 4: Adjust and add garnishments to fill the gaps In this video, the carrot coins falls apart easily so I have to start with the main and then tuck in the carrot coins. You can also adjust the process based on the presentation and shape of food.