Making Bento can be effortless and quick. In this page you can find some useful tips about meal plans, bento prepping, and some general cooking skills.

How to Pack Bento – 4 Steps Bento Packing Video

After you have planned for the presentation of your bento and prepared delicious dishes that will go into your bento box, now it’s the time for packing bento. (See The Healthy & Balanced Bento Presentation Guide for how to plan for a beautiful and nutritious bento box!) The general tips for packing your bento nicely…

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Before Making Bento

3 Tips on Selecting Your Bento Box

So, you have decided that you are starting a new life with bento. No matter it’s for you or for your loved ones or both, the first question you face will be what/which bento box you should get. There are…

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Hanami Bento

Go on a spring time picnic with beautiful homemade hanami bento but remain stress-free. Check out our effortless picnic party guide.